Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HDT Packing List

Preparation for this trip has required careful planning and anticipation of everything we might encounter on the trail. Due to the length of the trip, we are going to be starting in some cold conditions. Its freezing at night in Moab, which means we're going to need warm clothes - at least until over the Henrys. Luckily, we'll be able to shed excess clothing and equipment as we go along. As you can tell from this list, we aren't from the UltraLite school of thought.


1 Arcteryx Bora 80 internal frame pack
1 North Face Cats Meow +20F sleeping bag
1 ThermaRest Z-lite mattress
1 MSR Twin Peaks shelter
1 Vasque Wasatch GTX hiking boots, pair
1 Chaco Z/2 Unaweep hiking sandals, pair
1 MSR Denali snowshoes w/ 4” attachable heels [+]
1 REI Peak UL trekking poles, pair
1 Sevylor inflatable trail boat w/ paddle [+]

1 REI Elements rainshell w/ hood
1 Marmot midweight down jacket
1 REI polyester long-sleeve zip-top
1 REI Sahara tech long-sleeve collared shirt
1 REI Sahara tech short-sleeve collared shirt
1 REI synthetic short-sleeve t-shirt
1 REI synthetic long-sleeve shirt
2 REI Sahara convertible pants/shorts (1 set of leggings)
1 Carhartt double-front duck work pants, pair
1 Pearl Izumi synthetic long pants
2 ExOfficio synthetic boxer briefs
3 REI low-cut hiking socks, pairs
1 Outdoor Research Verglas gaitors, pair
1 Black Diamond Power Stretch gloves, pair
1 Woolrich wool hat
1 cotton baseball cap
1 Columbia Sportswear Bora Bora sunhat w/ brim
1 Native Hardtop sunglasses w/ polarized lenses

1 Camelbak 100oz. Unbottle insulated hydration sack
1 6L Platypus water-settlement sack
1 10L MSR Dromedary hydration sack
2 Nalgene 32oz. wide-mouth bottle
2 Potable Aqua bottles of iodine tablets
1 MSR MiniWorks w/ extra filter
1 MSR maintenance kit
10 coffee filters
1 Alum, container

1 alcohol penny stove w/ lid
1 tin can stove base
1 MSR Whisperlite windscreen
1 box of matches
1 lighter
1 Boy Scout 8oz plastic cup w/ handle
1 Lexan plastic spoon
1 MSR 2L Titan Titanium pot w/ lid
1 MSR pot holder

1 First Aid Kit (with…)
1 safety gloves, pair
1 athletic tape, roll
1 2” ACE bandage
1 gauze roll
2 cotton balls
10 Steri-Strip bandages
15 adhesive bandaids
2 transparent semi-permeable dressings
5 alcohol prep pads
4 2” gauze pads
4 surgical sponges
1 Moleskin sheet
3 Benzoin tinctures
1 Triple antibiotic ointment, tube
40 Ibuprofin pills, 200mg
12 Benadryl allergy pills
6 Immodium pills
10 Percoset pills
1 syringe
1 bandage cutters
3 hydration salts
1 small tweezers
1 razor blade
2 safety pin
1 emergency space blanket
1 safety whistle

1 Nikon D80 w/ 18-135mm lens
2 EL-3E lithium rechargeable batteries
9 SD memory cards (20GB)
1 Pelican waterproof memory card case
1 Velbon Ultra MaxiF tripod
1 Brunton Solaris 12 solar charger
1 12V battery charger w/ DC plug
1 Lowe Alpine Topload Zoom 1 camera bag
1 SealLine 10L waterproof dry bag
1 67mm polarizer lens
1 Nikon ML-L3 remote
1 mini lens pen
5 Q-tip lens cleaners
1 felt lens cloth

1 copy of Hayduke Trail book
3 Trails Illustrated maps (Arches, CNP:Maze, CNP:Needles)
1 ETrex Legend C GPS unit (2AA batteries)
1 Silva Ranger CL compass
1 Nikon Travellite V 9x25 binoculars w/ case
Trail permits

1 Desert Solitaire, w/ highlighted passages
1 leather-bound journal w/ pen
1 notepad, 100pgs
15 envelopes, stamps
1 set of colored pencils
2 lead pencils
1 small pencil sharpener
1 Sharpie, fine point

1 Petzel Tactikka Plus LED headlamp (3AAA batteries)
1 Gerber EVO locking serrated knife
1 Leatherman Wave multi-tool
100 webbing, feet of
1 Sea-to-Summit pack cover
1 Black Diamond locking carabiner
2 Black Diamond D-carabiner
1 OR small zippable mesh bag
1 dental floss
1 toothbrush
1 toothpaste, small tube
2 handkerchiefs
1 p-cord, roll
1 Chapstick
1 small tube sunblock
1 small roll of duct tape
1 fingernail/toenail clippers
1 deck of playing cards
1 sewing kit
1 Camelbak mouthpiece and bite valve, extra
1 Monkeywrench nylon trail flag w/ cord tie-offs
1 wristwatch w/ sports band
1 glasses w/ case
1 REI trail thermometer
Cash, debit, ID

NOTE [+] : items to be cached pre-trip

This puts me at a 35-40lb base weight. OH. CRAP.
I hate myself already.

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